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Hyderabad based start-up SAFWEY launches BOX360, advanced UV sanitize."

Hyderabad, 23 July 2020: Corona virus is spreading in a dangerous way these days. When we attend a birthday party, buy vegetables, jewellery, or gifts, or even share our gadgets with others, we are prone to attract corona virus. Major spread of virus is through three ways, i.e. direct, surface and through air.

Hyderabad based start-up, ‘Safwey Advanced Disinfectant Systems’ comes with a unique Ultra Violet solution to contain the virus spread through surface. They have launched a product, called “Box 360” which sanitises everything without using any kind of chemicals, yet in a very effective and safe method. Box360 is literally a metallic box which contains a Ultraviolet lamp inside. It cleans whatever the packets or things we put inside with Ultraviolet rays, which are invisible to naked eyes, and gives us the purest things back to use.

Food packets, milk packets, jewellery boxes, mobile phones, iPads, laptops, vehicle keys and what not every surface can carry corona virus particles on them which can easily transmit to a healthy person and cause Covid-19 to them. Cleaning the different things is a hercules effort. To ease the daily lives and bring back business to normal, Safwey Advanced Disinfectant Systems has brought this product after going through enormous research and development process.

Salient features of Box360

This disinfects every surface except medicines in 3 to 10 minutes. It is made of medical grade stainless steel, which is completely leak proof and proved to be safe. Cost effective and affordable from individuals to small business and even big malls and hospitals too. It ranges from Rs. 14,000 to less than Rs. 1 Lakh. They say, it’s quite economic than iPhone. This is most useful and needed to nearly 125 sectors. This has four certifications including one from Atal Incubation Centre of the famous CCMB. Available pan India including Hyderabad through some authorised dealers, direct sale through their website and in Amazon too.

“When a corona patient coughs in open air, the aerosols, which contain the tiny virus particles, stay for 3 hours in the air. So, even though there is no person, the virus spread risk is still there. That’s why we need to clean everything that we use, share properly. Box360 disinfects mobiles, valets, car keys and everything. We have tested this at PCR for 30 seconds, 1 minute and so on for up to 12 minutes. The best result came at 2 minutes. Still, we kept the beep time at 3 minutes as a precaution. UV sterilisation is being used for long. We clean even water with this. The mask manufacturing company 3M also suggested to clean their masks with UV sanitisation. One more thing is that the UV rays are not visible. The blue light that we used only shows that the radiation is inside” says Dr. Praneeth, Medical and R&D director of Safwey.

“We are releasing 5 products today and 37 will come in the coming year. In addition to the UV BOX360, we have launched SHIELD360, UV room Disinfection systems which can be extremely useful at both domestic and business segments, especially in hospitals, restaurants, movie theaters, public transport etc. We are targeting to sell 10,000 devises by the end of this year. We are targeting on small business initially. We have completely designed this by our own, tested for non destructive and used medical grade steel which is generally used in hospitals” says CVN Vamshi, founder and CMD of SAFWEY.

How BOX360 works

We just need to put whatever we want to disinfectant into the Box360, shut the door properly. A single beep will come to ensure that the door is shut properly, and no Ultraviolet leakage will be there. Then we need to switch on the power and push the red button to begin the decontamination cycle. After hearing to a double beep in 3 minutes, we can switch off the power, sanitize our hands, open the door and take out the things. They are completely safe and virus free.


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