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Hyderabad based Kamineni and US based Fox Chase enter into a JV

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hyderabad 23rd August 2019: The Hyderabad based Kamineni Lifesciences, Bioserve iotechnlogies and US based Fox Chase Cancer have formed a joint venture to being operations of biosample rersipository in Hyderabad.

The New joint venture company, will act as a hub to collect and manage biospecimens, offer services for characterization of the samples and help in advancing precision medcine and personalised medicine research in India and across the world.

The state-of-art facility of Kamineni Life Sciences and Fox Chase BioServe Pvt Limted in Hyderabad will add hundreds of samples monthly. Specimens will be collected using the highest Unites states regulatory standards of patients consent and supported by de-identified annotations that include medical history, mutation data as well as detailed records of treatment protocosl and outcomes.

"The research community's demand for access to clinical-grade bio-specimens in India has gone largely unment. Through this partnership, we plan to change that," said Dr. Chikafumi Yokoyama, CEO of Reprocell.


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