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Hyderabad based Gamitronics releasing India’s first VR game on PC and Playstation

Hyderabad,09 April 2021: Game industry is booming in India and making huge impact globally especially in mobile game development but Gamitronics, a studio based in Hyderabad wants to take it to next level and is releasing India’s first VR game, Speedy Gun Savage on PC and Playstation VR. Gamitronics’ CEO and veteran gamepreneur, Rajat Ojha spoke to us about it in detail.

“We are always at the technology forefront and if you look back, we created India’s first global Playstation 3 title, SnS and later worked on titles like Resident Evil, Battlefield, Final Fantasy and many AAA titles for VR and theme park industry.” Says Rajat Ojha

“Speedy Gun Savage is a natural progression for us and we are ardent believers in VR and the power of gaming through immersive medium like VR, we already have an early and different version of the same game in 140+ arcades across the world and learnt a lot about VR gamers’ behavior”

The studio is releasing the game in Steam Early Access on Oculus and Vive VR headsets on April 9, 2021 and working on Valve Index and Playstation VR which will be launched in June/July once community feedback is addressed.

When we asked Mr. Ojha why he chose VR, he was quick in replying that Gamitronics makes games for gamers and goes after ideas which the studio feels right and then the right platform for that idea which in this case was obviously VR. He also mentioned that the studio doesn’t believe in making games for certain audience or sticking to certain theme and if the idea is good then the world is our playground says Mr. Ojha.

Rajat who is also the game designer of this game draws lot of inspirations from the games he played all his life and his all time favorite, Doom.He took lot of feedback from Mr. Romero also who was behind one of the most iconic game, Doom. Gamitronics is ensuring that people get the message that it’s not just another shooter in VR. “Speedy Gun Savage fills the void of a perfect cover & shoot game in VR and also it brings back the vibe of good old arcade style shooter” Says Mr. Ojha.

The game is built using Unreal Engine and entire development, sound design, music composition and trailers were done in-house at Gamitronics except some music. Since the theme is steampunk, studio ensured the music gels with the overall look and feek of the game.

The game will also be making its way on to PlayStation VR.“We are releasing on PSVR also, just not right now,” says Ojha. “As we all know PSVR audience is sticky audience, we want to ensure everything is right before pushing our game on PSVR. We have devkits and will push it to PSVR very soon.”


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