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Helping orphan departed souls

BIF News Service, Hyderabad 17 June 2019: Serving the orphan departed souls, Gautham Kumar of Sarvanidhi Social Organization is helping cremate the orphan departed souls for free of cost.

So far more than 500 orphaned dead bodies have been cremated as per the Hindu cultural rituals for free of cost by this organisation. Taking up the novel cause, Gautham Kumar’s organistion has bagged Bharata World Record along with Yuva Sena Ratna Awards.

He said that he has taken up this novel cause not to get name and fame or to amass money but wanted to serve those deceased persons who are not identified in the society. “It is not sin to die being orphan, but if the last rights are not performed and treated as orphan than it the biggest sin on the part of humans. I view of this we have launched this unique novel programme to serve the orphan dead bodies get cremated free of cost.

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