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HDFC Bank launches Navachar Pustika under Parivartan 3T programme

Hyderabad March 14th, 2019: HDFC Bank has announced the launch of a manual of innovative teaching ideas called Navachar Pustika. Navachar Pustika (Innovations Handbook), is a compilation of innovative teaching ideas contributed by teachers themselves. These zero cost, high impact ideas are part of HDFC Bank’s ‘Teaching-the-Teacher’ (3T) programme under #Parivartan, the umbrella CSR of the Bank.

 “Teachers are an important part of the Nation building process for it is education that creates the most significant impact in the overall economic and social development of society. The Teaching-the-Teachers (3T) programme under Parivartan, we believe, makes education more contemporary and dynamic by involving teachers to think of innovative ways of imparting knowledge in class rooms. The Innovation Handbook thus becomes a reference manual for teachers across India to use ideas that involve zero cost but are high impact. This one-of-its-kind initiative is a part of the Bank’s sustained endeavour to be a catalyst for change or ‘Parivartan’ and create a positive impact in the lives of the local populace,” said Ms. Ashima Bhat, Group Head – Corporate Social Responsibility, HDFC Bank.


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