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Harsha Paladugu Promotes Leukemia & Lymohoma Awareness to Raise Funds

Hyderabad, 24th March 2019: Harsha Paladugu conducted Cubing event in coordination with World club association and Pavan Akula of Hyderabad to create awareness and raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymohoma Society Man & Woman of the year for cancer & other patients. These funds will provide free medication support for people suffering from cancer.

The event was successful with the support and contributions from community members, volunteers, businesses and leaders. All net proceeds of the funds raised will be donated 100% to the Leukemia & Lymohoma Society (LLS) in support of their efforts to find a cure.

Harsha’s efforts to organize this event and to make it a success was a dream come true. Harsha is a US National record holder of Pyramix Cubing event which he accomplished in 2019 at the age of 15years in Cleveland, Ohio with a record of 01.31 seconds only.

During the occasion Master Harsha Paladugu said, “We are working as we speak to bring a chapter of LLS and create LLS India. This will help patients who cannot afford treatment pay for life saving drugs through the funds raised in India.”

Pavan Akula from LLS said, “LLS supports patients in all aspects of caner care, provide financial aid for those who are in need, supports families with educational materials and transportation, and is a front runner in the research.”

Cancer patients through this initiative will now have a choice to participate in clinical trials to help pave the way for better drugs to cure many blood cancers that are still incurable. There is abundance of education materials available to patients in addition to life saving drugs.


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