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GreenQuris launches two new herbal products

HYDERABAD, May 8th 2022: As a developer and promoter of qualitatively superior plant-based natural herbal supplements using state-of-the-art technology, GreenQuris has carved a niche for itself as a pioneer of a wide range of proven herbal, organic and other healthcare products. Its USP has been on placing thrust on delivering products that are completely pesticide and chemical-free in their own agricultural fields, Green Houses, raceway ponds and photo bio-reactors catering to the specific requirements of the natural health supplements.

Coming in handy for the company’s prospects and its uncompromising focus on quality has been the expertise gained by Venkata Ramana Pidikiti, the Managing Director of the company and professional tips from the Chairman Vivekananda Pidikiti. Having worked in different herbal product manufacturing companies and gaining hands-on experience across departments, the Managing Director is steering the company’s fortunes with his active involvement in crucial segments like production, formulations and Research & Development since 2014.

Bolstered by the overwhelming response to their products, the promoters of GreenQuris now take delight in announcing that as part of expansion plans they are introducing two new products. Both are 100 per cent natural and have proven efficacy levels. In keeping with the avowed endeavour of the company, the products are cost-effective. Value for money is the driving force.

Walk More’, as the name denotes, is especially made for walkers and joggers. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. A water-based pure herbal gel that is devoid of any synthetics, Walk More is a unique blend of rare pain relieving and foot care herbal extracts and essential oils. On usage, it provides extraordinary comfort and gives relief to legs, heels, ankles, calf and knees both while walking and later. The gel eliminates the need for massage, which one normally associates with medication when suffering from body pain. Instant relief comes from the fact that the gel penetrates into the skin almost immediately after it is applied. Unlike other gels, Walk More leaves no residues after application.Meanwhile, coming in as a good augury to those suffering from spondylitis, constant back pain and chronic knee-joint pains is our new product, ‘Go Pain’.

Also a water-based gel without any synthetics, Go Pain combines the best of natural and pure essential oils like eucalyptus, clove, winter green and herbal extracts like nirgundi and ajowan.

The gel has to be applied thoroughly on the entire affected area in order to get immediate relief from pain.

Promoters and associates of GreenQuris are excited at the efficient levels of the two products, which come in handy packs.


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