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Gleneagles Global Hospitals felicitates Women Organ Donors on the Occasion of Women’s Day

Hyderabad, March 7, 2022: Gleneagles Global Hospitals today celebrated International Women’s Day by felicitating the Women Organ Donors who constitute the majority of living donors in India. Statistics indicate that a whopping 80 per cent of living organ donors are women. Mrs. Suchitra Ella, Co-Founder & Jt. Managing Director - Bharat Biotechfelicitated the Women donors in the presence of the acclaimed telugu film actor Shri. Rajendra Prasad.

Talking on the Occasion Mrs. Suchitra Ella, Co-Founder & Jt. Managing Director - Bharat Biotechsaid,“Organ transplants gives hope to life. It not only improves quality of life but also creates a major socio-economic impact on the families. I like to applaud every single selfless women organ donor present here and many others who have saved precious lives. They have shown what a profound impact it has and will serve as an inspiration to many more. I also like to commend the hospital for this #GiftofLife campaign andhonoring the selfless act of these women organ donors on this momentous Women's Day.”

In life, women show a large heart in donating organs to their blood relations, while in death, men are major donors of life-giving organs, studies have indicated.Globally, too, women constitute a higher proportion of living organ donors. In the U.S., women constitute 62% of kidney donors and 53% of liver donors, whereas in India 74% of Kidney Donors are women and 60.5% are liver donors”.

Dr. Riyaz Khan, CEO – Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Hyderabad said, “It’s a proud moment for all of us at GGH to dedicate International Women’s Day, 2022, to all the wonderful Women Organ Donors who are major contributors when it comes to donating organ (Liver/Kidney) for their family & loved ones. We are celebrating this generous act of gifting life through our campaign #GiftofLife.

We believe good health is the prerogative of every human being irrespective of status. It is endeavoring to treat everyone with diligence & dignity, by deepening our focus on value- driven healthcare, education & outreach and we hope to set the gold standard in healthcare.


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