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Former Minister Niranjan Reddy's Grand Rally Garners Massive Turnout Final Day of BRS campaign

Mahabubnagar: In a display of political fervor, former minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy's rally on the concluding day of the BRS party’s campaign drew throngs of enthusiastic supporters. As the procession wound its way from Jammi tree to various landmarks including Gandhi Chowk, Ambedkar Chaurasta, Santhabazar, Peerlagutta, Chandapur Road, and Ram temple, the atmosphere crackled with excitement and anticipation.

Amidst chants of encouragement and showers of flowers, Niranjan Reddy addressed a captivated audience at a corner meeting, expressing gratitude to the leaders, activists, and citizens who had fervently participated in the month-long campaign.

Urging attendees to mobilize their networks and encourage relatives to cast their votes in favor of the car symbol, Reddy emphasized the pivotal role each voter played in shaping the outcome of the elections.

Reflecting on the strides made in development, Reddy highlighted achievements such as road expansions, pond restorations, irrigation enhancements, provision of permanent drinking water, and the establishment of high schools and district infrastructure. With a pointed critique of the opposition, Reddy reminded the crowd of past disillusionments caused by unfulfilled promises, urging them to place their trust in the party committed to genuine progress.

Enumerating a slew of welfare schemes and benefits, including Rythu Bima, Rythu Bandhu, farmer loan waivers, women's empowerment initiatives, and youth employment opportunities, Reddy underscored the transformative impact of the party's policies on the lives of citizens. Extolling the virtues of Praveen Kumar garu, endorsed by KCR and credited with nurturing countless students through educational institutions, Reddy called upon voters to rally behind the car symbol in support of progress and prosperity.

The rally, attended by a diverse array of leaders and activists, saw the participation of district president Gattu Yadav, district spokesperson Vakiti Sridhar, former library chairman B Lakshmaiah, town presidents P Ramesh Goud and Gandham Balapiru, among others. With representatives from various sections of society converging to lend their support, Niranjan Reddy's rally served as a rallying cry for unity and collective action, resonating with the aspirations of the electorate as they prepared to exercise their democratic right.


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