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Farmer's Daughter awarded Doctorate in Chemistry

Edu News service, Wanaparthy:

Dr.R.Swathi, a faculty member at KDR Government Polytechnic College, Wanaparthy, has been awarded Doctorate in Chemistry.

Coming from a farmer's family, Dr. Swathi had proved her committment towards studies and achieved the remarkable fete of obtaining a doctorate in chemistry through dedicated academic research.

Having undergone primary and higher education in Wanaparthy, Swathi pursued her post-graduation at Osmania University.

Despite opportunities to teach in urban areas like Hyderabad after being elected as a faculty member of the Government Polytechnic College in 2013, Swathi chose to serve her hometown.

Hailing from a farming family, Swathi has become an inspiration for rural students, offering guidance and motivation for academic excellence. With unwavering support from her husband, Bhagwant Reddy, and her family, Swathi pursued her research on microwave-assisted synthesis in chemistry under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Yadagiri Swamy at Osmania University, culminating in the attainment of her doctorate.

Principal Dr. K. Chandrasekhar, along with students, extends heartfelt congratulations to Swathi on her remarkable academic accomplishment.


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