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Enhanced recovery After Surgery – ERAS, introduced at Star Hospitals

Hyderabad, 28th January 2021: A new revolutionary procedure in Joint replacement is all set to benefit patients who are keen to undergo Knee Replacement has been introduced at Star Hospitals. This advanced procedure will ensure that the patients who are opting for knee replacement will able to undergo the procedure with just overnight stay at the Hospital.

Introduced by Dr. Neelam V. Ramana Reddy, Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon, at Star Hospitals, this advance surgical procedure known as ERAS – Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, will ensure that the patient is not required to stay in the ICU after surgery and can be moved to his room in just 3 hours after the joint replacement surgery. Further he can resume normal diet in just 4 hours after surgery.

The patient is made to walk on the same day of the surgery and can be discharged with just an overnight stay at the hospital. This is a big advantaged, especially during this corona pandemic, since the patient is not required to stay for prolonged period in the hospital. The critical part of this procedure is the patient selection and educating them about the procedure and its nuances. Preoperative counselling and education helps patient’s be prepared and aware of the procedure.

ERAS is an evidence-based approach that ensures that very advanced anesthetic techniques are used, including multimodal pain management and nerve blocks coupled by an advanced minimally invasive surgical procedure with minimal blood loss.

This method also ensures that there is very little discomfort and pain during the recovery process. Besides as compared to the traditional method where the patient will require 4 to 5 nights in hospital to recover, here the recovery is considerably faster.

Some of the other advantages in this procedure is the reduced financial burden as the patient will be required to stay at the hospital for just one night. This new joint replacement system allows for natural movement of the knee joints and restores the original movement of the limbs within a short timeframe.

Dr. Neelam V.Ramana Reddy, Chief Joint Replacement surgeon, Star Hospital said, "my ultimate goal as a surgeon is to ensure that my patients are completely satisfied after their joints are replaced. Already having suffered many years with troubled joints the joint replacement surgery should alleviate the joint problems, allow them to forget their artificial joints in their day to day living and carry out their daily activities within a very short span of time.”

Dr. Reddy further said, "this advanced procedure is certainly a big step in the right direction. As patients who are afraid of pain after surgery, prolonged hospital stay and added financial burden can now benefit from this overnight hospital stay with its multifarious benefits.”


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