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Enchanté unveils its exquisite café at Film Nagar

Hyderabad, 11th January 2019: Enchanté, a travel themed and one its kind, cafe and confectionary unveils its exquisite café at Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Enchanté is a French word meaning ‘nice to meet you’ and this exactly the personnel at the café wish to make the customers feel. The café showcases a wide spread of luxurious and exclusive creations that impress not only the eye but also the taste buds. From all day breakfasts, to midday snacks, to high-end desserts this is the place for you.

The Travel themed café Enchante, brings mouth-watering recipes to satisfy your appetite for adventure. The basic idea is to bring a global feel with the variety of dishes this café has to offer. The dishes transform you mentally to the exotic locations around the world without applying for a visa!

Enchante promises to make you travel back in time too with creations like the delicious Pancakes that date back to the 1st century which were made by the Romans, Waffles from Belgium giving you an overall tour of the fascinating Europe with the tempting desserts.

These are just desserts, the continental spread breakfast is available all day long along with the midday snacks like Caesar Salad from Mexico, Egypt’s Falafel to name a few.

What forms the USP of Enchante Café & Confectionery is the use of eco-friendly and food grade packaging to create authentic, high quality recipes. “Enchante is my dream project and with great amount of efforts we have finally brought it to shape with a Café,” says the owner of Enchante Café & Confectionery Deepa Dadu,

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