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Telangana believes KCR has only engaged in multi-crore scams & nothing else-Amith Shah

Hyderabad, 25th November 2023: In Telangana, where election fever is at its zenith, Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah addressed large public rallies in the Kollapur and Patancheru constituencies, accusing Chief Minister KCR of engaging in multi-crore scams and pushing the state to the brink of deterioration.

Highlighting a plethora of scams, Shah stated, KCR has committed numerous corrupt practices, including the Mission Bhagirath scam, Passport scam, Miyapur land scam, Outer Ring Road scam, Kaleshwaram Dam project scam, liquor scam, granite scam, and the 22,000 crore Mission Kakatiya scam, which is still incomplete.’

Emphasizing the injustices faced by backward classes, Shah claimed that KCR and the Congress have always been unjust to these communities. In previous elections, KCR had promised that if his party won, a Dalit would become the Chief Minister, but instead, he assumed the position.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the BJP government in Telangana is committed to abolishing religious reservations while increasing quotas for OBC, SC, and ST categories, as confirmed by Shah. This move is anticipated to address the challenges faced by backward classes struggling to find effective solutions to their concerns.

Accusations against KCR's government include unfulfilled promises such as unemployment allowances, the recruitment of 24,000 teachers, and the provision of two-bedroom houses worth 7 lakhs for the poor and free fertilizer. In response, the BJP government has stepped in by providing a subsidy of 3,500 rupees per acre to support farmers.

Highlighting KCR's alleged appeasement, the Central Home Minister criticized the 4% religious reservation given to Muslims under the influence of Owaisi (AIMIM). Under Modi's leadership, the BJP government in Telangana aims to eliminate religious reservations and enhance quotas for OBC, SC, and ST.

In conclusion, Amit Shah urged the people of Telangana to consider the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. He highlighted the BJP's support for the temple's construction, contrasting it with the historical opposition from the Congress and TRS. Shah also expressed the plan to make individuals visit the Ram temple once the BJP government is formed for the overall development of the state and the country. He emphasized the need to vote for the BJP symbol, the lotus, to establish a BJP government in Telangana and make Modi the Prime Minister in 2024.

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