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Dr Namani Ravikumar recieved ten world record certificates by the MLA KP Vivekananda Quthbullapur

29 th January, 2023, Hyderabad: On the occasion of fourth anniversary of the Avani Nrutyalayam has organised Tandava Nrutya harathi at Decathlon, Kompalli on Saturday night with 60 artists dressed as lord Shiva getups and 20 artists performed yogasanas all together 80 participants performed for 60 minutes continuously and ten world records were created by the students by Tandava Nritya harati program . Dr Namani Ravikumar recieved ten world record certificates by the MLA of Quthbullapur announced by Bharath World Records president Lion K V Ramana Rao,ten world by name Classical Dancers Book of World Records, Yoga Book of World Records, National International World Records, High Range World Records, India International World Records, World Records, Wonder India Records, Amazing Kid book of World Records, Universal record Holders book. Mrs Dhanalakshmi,Vijendra couple the founders of Avani Nrityalayam appreciated Ravikumar.

MLA,Vivekananda said that while wishing the organizers of Avani Nrityalayam on the fourth anniversary celebrations,he congratulated Dr. Namani Ravikumar for achieving ten world records, praising that the children performed brilliantly in dance showcasing Indian arts, culture and traditions also said that it is appreciable that parents are encouraging Indian arts ,culture and traditions.

Lion K.V.Ramanarao said that we are making it universal by gathering the wonderful talents and giving them a place in the world records.Ms. Patricia Mathew St. Michael's School, Pearson School Principal Ms. Asma Shahida, Serenity School Correspondent Nomula Jangareddy, Kuppa Srikanth Goud, Adla Satish Kumar, R Subbu, Dr Soujanya were attended the program.


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