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Dr. Arminda Vijaya Sarada Reddy Winning Mrs. India Telangana-2023 (Super Classic Category)

Hyderabad, 23 September 2023: Dr. Arimanda Vijaya Sarada Reddys journey to

this prestigious title is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her

accomplishments, spanning a multitude of fields, underscore her indomitable spirit

and unwavering pursuit of knowledge and success that provides a one of a kind of

inspiration that no matter of what age, women can accomplish anything, anytime and

anywhere they want to regardless of age and gender barriers.

In an extraordinary display of talent, dedication, and sheer brilliance, Dr. Arimanda

Vijaya Sarada Reddy Ph.D. has triumphed in the Super Classic Category, emerging

as the distinguished winner of Mrs. India Telangana-2023.

With qualifications that read like a library of expertise, including a Ph.D., MBA

(JNTU, Hyderabad) Ph.D.,(Peace University, Germany), IIM-Bangalore

(Management Course), MA., M.Ed., MBA, M.Phil.(Phy), M.S. (Phy),

M.S.(Counselling & Psychotherapy) and Former VICE-CHAIRPERSON (Andhra

Pradesh School Education Regulatory & Monitoring Commission and numerous

other distinguished certifications, Dr. Arimanda Vijaya Sarada Reddy is not just a

scholar but a leading visionary leader. She is also a certified international trainer for

soft skills and personal development not only in India but has left her footprints in

USA and British Institutes too.

As the Founder Secretary of Holy Mary Group of Institutions, Hyderabad, and

Nalanda Group of Institutions, Guntur, she has shaped the educational landscape

with her innovative ideas and leadership.

Dr. Arimanda Vijaya Sarada Reddy has bagged 40 National & International

Awards and is a Double Guinness Book World Record Holder.

Moreover, her role as the National Vice-Chairman of the Federation of Small,

Medium & Micro Entrepreneurs (FSME) highlights her dedication to fostering

entrepreneurship and small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy.

Dr. Arimanda Vijaya Sarada Reddy has always been instrumental in empowering

women through various self-help groups and many initiatives, making a profound

impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Her recent triumph in the Super Classic Category at Mrs. India Telangana-2023

defying age barriers sets out an example for all the women out there. Dr. Arimanda

Vijaya Sarada Reddys indelible mark on the world serves as a leading inspiration to

all, proving that with determination, one can conquer any challenge.

Extend heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Arimanda Vijaya Sarada Reddy Ph.D. for her

outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her story is a

beacon of hope and a source of pride for every Indian, looking forward to witnessing

her continued success in the years to come.

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