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Doctors save life of a 4-year-old girl child bitten by a snake

Health News Services, Mahabubnagar

A 4-year-old child Bhavya Sri from Vennacherla Village in Nagarkurnool district who suffered a snake bite was saved by Children’s specialists’ doctors at Ravi Children’s Hospital on Friday.

Going into the details, Bhavya Sri, was the first child of couple Shiva and Renuka. However, on the night of July 24, the child while sleeping in her house was bitten by a black-striped snake.

The parents who heard the cries of the child immediately responded and took her to the Nagarkurnool district hospital, where she was given primary first aid. But as the child’s health deteriorated the parents to Ravi Children’s Hospital in Mahabubnagar immediately shifted the child to the hospital. As soon as the child reached at the gate of the hospital, after seeing the condition of the child, based on directions of Dr. Shekhar, treatment began right from the hospital gate by giving oxygen, so that the child's oxygen levels are maintained properly and later was shifted to intensive care for further treatment. After three days of treatment on ventilatory and with continuous monitoring of the doctors the child was finally saved.

The parents and relatives of the child, who were completely hopeless, were a happy lot once they observed their child woke up and started playing as usual. They profusely thanked Dr. Shekhar and felicitated him as gratitude for saving their child.

While speaking on the occasion Dr. Shekhar, Medical Director and children’s specialists said that as this is rainy season the parents particularly in the rural areas must be extra cautious as snakes and other venomous creatures will be moving around and must be careful and must keep their surroundings clean and neat. He also observed that people must be aware of communicable and vector-borne diseases as the rainy season will bring a lot of ill health to the children.


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