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Doctors save life of 9 month old baby boy suffering with rare critical illness in

Mahabubnagar: A team of doctors from Mahabubnagar saved the life of a 9 month old baby boy suffering from critical illness due to dengue after treating the boy for over two week at Ravi Children’s hospital.

Informing this, Medical Director of Ravi Children’s hospital Dr. Shekhar said that master Vamshi the 9 month old baby boy was brought by his parents Kashappa and Laxmi from Chandrapuram village of Gulbaraga district from Karnataka, to the hospital, in a severely critical condition.

It is learnt that after no one hospital admitted the baby boy, as a last resort, they brought the infant to Ravi Children’s hospital, soon after examining the condition of the boy, the doctors wasted no time and conducted immediate diagnosis and came to know that the child was severely infected with deadly dengue disease, his platelet count was below 26,000 mark which is very critical condition.

“When the baby boy was admitted to the hospital his condition was very critical, as the child was bleeding through mouth, nose and faeces. As his blood pressure was falling to critical levels and heart was beating heavily, we immediately infused blood platelets and immediately shifted the baby on ventilator. This is a rare case which we have seen for a person with dengue. However with the dedicated efforts of the doctors, nurses and parents of the child, we could save the life, after rigorous follow-ups and continuous healthcare services for over 12 days. I congratulate the entire team of doctors, nurses and the parents on this happy moment,” informed Dr. Shekhar.

As part of a thanks giving moment, the parents of the baby boy felicitated the team of doctors with shawls and garlands for saving the life of their beloved child.


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