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Divyangula Seva Sangham 2nd anniversary celebrations @ Ravindra Barthi

Hyderabad 28th December 2022: Chairman Dr.K.Vasudeva Reddy attended the 2nd anniversary celebrations of the International Day of Disabled Persons and the 2nd anniversary of the Disabled Persons' Day organized by Gauni Yadagiri, the founder president of the Disabled Persons' Association at Ravindra Bharti, Hyderabad and spoke to the disabled.

He said that the officials of the Seva Sangham are appreciative. When Telangana state was formed, Chief Minister KCR said that when the disabled were in the united Andhra Pradesh, the governments of that time did not care about the disabled, thinking with a humanitarian perspective and undertaking many welfare programs and welfare programs for the disabled. Like no other state in the country, Telangana State provides Rs. 3016/-s to provide pension to 5,51,000 people across the state by spending Rs.2000/- crores per annum to support them and also explained that the government provides many assistive devices and subsidized loans with 100% subsidy through the Handicapped Cooperative. Appreciating the welfare programs provided by the Telangana government to the disabled, he reminded that the central government has also presented an award.

He said that on the request of disabled people, the government de-merged the disabled welfare department from the women and child welfare department and set up a special department for the disabled. He said that the government has taken many programs to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities this year like never before and organized the celebrations in an unprecedented manner. He praised the services provided by the leaders of the disabled organizations to such disabled people as helping hands rather than praying lips and wanting help rather than sympathy. He assured that he would work as a bridge between the state government and the disabled community to solve the problems. After that, he honored the disabled people along with Daivajna Sharma.

President of UK Telangana Jagruti Balmuri Suman Rao, Anna Mahesh, Mahbub Ali, Madhar Pasha, Sridhar, Bhuvanesha were present in this program.


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