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Deccan Chai to set up 1000 outlets across country by 2025

Hyderabad, 21st June 2024: Deccan Chai, a division of Shreyas Group, on Friday announced plans to set up 1000 outlets across the country by March end,2025. Addressing on the occasion of brand collaboration with Shreyas Group for marketing, Deccan Chai Founder and Managing Partner G.Sreenivas Rao and CEO G Veeranna said currently, the company is operating 250 outlets in five states and is now planning to scale up to 1000 outlets across the country on franchise basis. Around 2000 unemployed youth would get jobs through these new outlets, they said that we will also impart training to the youth through ‘ Art of Tea Making course’. and also planning to open our own outlets of 100 by 2026, they added. The company is foraying into a new segment in ‘Menswear’ and to set up three outlets initially in Andhra Pradesh – Tirupati, Madanapally and Chittoor’ by August this year, said Sreenivas.


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