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Cross Family Clinic and Scala Dental Clinic RelationshipManager Adduri Sumalata celebrated motherday

Hyderabad May 10th 2022: Amma is the source of creation, without Amma there is no birth, if the mother gives birth, the doctors will heal and reincarnate, in the small Charlapalli. Cross Family Clinic and Scala Dental Clinic. Relationship Manager Adduri Sumalata celebration of Mother's Day. She said that maintaining health is everyone's right. It has services with General Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon, Endocrinologist, Gynecologist, Dermatologist, General Dental Surgeon, Expert Doctors, Dr. Sarath Chandrareddy Adduri, Dr. Jayashree, Kalyan Babu, Pranay Kumar Reddy, Apparao, etc.


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