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"Crafts and Conversation": Swadesh's Resounding Tribute to Women in Art & Culture

Hyderabad, 24th December 2023: Swadesh, the epitome of luxury and cultural

connoisseurship, recently hosted an extraordinary edition of "Crafts and Conversation", at its

flagship store in Hyderabad. This exclusive event, themed "Ode to Women and Their

Contribution to Art & Culture," marked a resounding tribute to the remarkable influence of

women in shaping India's artistic legacy.

Swadesh is a testament to the rich heritage of Indian artisans and their timeless creations. All

products are directly sourced from artisan communities, completely handcrafted. Swadesh's

new luxurious 20,000square-foot store is a meticulously curated collection that is a mosaic of

colors, textures, and stories, with each piece reflecting the soul of its creator. From elegant

home linen to exquisite jewelry, an extensive home décor collection, wellness products, and

much more, every item in the store resonates with the craftsmanship and culture of India.

The heart of the evening was the captivating stories shared by accomplished women,

including Anju Poddar (Art Collector & Author), Divya Reddy (Philanthropist), Ritu Shah

(Chairperson FICCI), Yamini Reddy (Leading Classical Dancer), Kamini Saraf (Founder of

Fashion Yatra), Jyoti Reddy (Educationist & Founder of Neeraj Public School), Chaitanya

Reddy (Art Collector & Founder of Sancta Maria School), Sona Chatwal (Ex Chairperson

FICCI), and Rekha Reddy (Ex Chairperson FICCI, Ikebana Expert, Art & Textile

Connoisseur). Their narratives created a profound connection, resonating with the attendees

and adding an extra layer of depth to the celebration.

Attendees were treated to a captivating walkthrough of Swadesh's opulent store, where every

corner unveiled exquisite, handcrafted wonders from various corners of the country. From

intricately woven textiles to finely carved sculptures, the store is a testament to the rich

tapestry of Indian craftsmanship.

Crafts and Conversation, in this edition, not only showcased the richness of Indian

craftsmanship but also paid homage to the significant role women play in preserving and

advancing art and culture. The event successfully brought together accomplished women,

cultural enthusiasts, and connoisseurs, creating a memorable and culturally enriching



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