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CP Anjani Kumar launches CC camera control room at MLA Colony

Hyderabad, 6th January 2021: CCTV Cameras play a vital role in containing crime, and this fact is proven on many occasions, said Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, Shri Anjani Kumar. He has inaugurated the CCTV Camera Control Room at Sri Venkateshwara Building Society Committee of MLA colony in Banjarahills of Hyderabad. Nowadays more than 50 percent of the crime that's happening in the city is controlled by CCTV cameras, said CP. He also explained that one CCTV Camera is equal to a hundred policemen. The commissioner advised all the colonies and societies to set up CCTV Cameras in their residential areas. He told that the cameras set up by the “Brihaspati Technology Company” are very advanced. The president of the colony Society Siddaiah said, "MLA’s colony is now completely safe with Rs.55 lakhs. A total of 125 surveillance eyes have been set up in road numbers 7 and 8. Any crime and violation that happens around will be known immediately to the society office and the Banjarahills Police Station. Brihaspati technology has completed the project in a short time."

The Managing Director of Brihaspati Technologies Pvt. Ltd., RajasekharPapolu, said, "this particular project was completed before the stipulated time and was handed over to the committee within just 2 months. We have fixed 119 normal fixed cameras and 6 advanced ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Cameras here. The ANPR cameras have been set up in 3 entrance areas of the colony. So, for all the vehicles, i.e. either bikes or cars that enter and exit here, the numbers will be captured in the feed. The images are saved in the Control Centre database. The backup can be taken even after a month. All the CCTV Cameras were also connected to the Control Room in the Colony Society Office and the Banjarahills Police Station." The society vice president N.K. Benjamin, Secretary K. Veera Reddy, Treasurer G. Ranga Reddy, G. Mohan Reddy, A. Chandrasekhar, K. Pratap Reddy, M. Narsingh Rao have participated in the program.

The Brihaspati technology company is very popular in the country in setting up CCTV cameras. Most of the projects are completed on time and are earning a good reputation. In the last two years, we have also successfully installed CCTV cameras at the Andhra Pradesh Election Commission office and YSR Healthcare Trust. MD Rajasekhar said that the Assam Government's offices and the Kaziranga National Park have also been equipped with thermal cameras to detect animal movements in that area.


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