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Cory George, Global Ambassador F45 shares his expertise on body training

Hyderabad, March 10, 2020: Cory George, F45 Athletics Director and Global Ambassador shared his expertise on body training at a programme orgnasied in Hyderabad.

Cory George who was in Hyderabad to share his expertise with F45 members, says “One unique thing about F45 is every day you are doing something different. We have 4000 different exercises, so none of the exercises are repeated, every day the members are encouraged to learn something new”.

“Best thing about F45 is members are motivated to the core for speedy transformation with team training. F45 identifies the strengths and weaknesses of their members and suggests exercises accordingly. It’s the fastest growing franchise in India and we have future plans for expansion in the coming years”, says Mr. Preet Gona, Founder F45 Training.

Deepti Akki , Pranay Reddy and Jahangir Pasha franchise owners of F45 training said total of 2000 people have registered themselves and have participated in the fitness training which happened in Begumpet hockey stadium.

Started in 2013 with just one studio in Australia, F45 has become the fastest-growing fitness chain in the world in a short span of just 6 years. “F45, the global fitness brand, has 1,750-plus franchises worldwide in over 45 countries. In India, it has 27 franchises, including nine in Hyderabad,” says Preet Gona and Sanjay Reddy, Co-founders,Collective Fitness Pvt. Ltd, master franchise of F45 Training in India.


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