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Corporate Health Cards for All Dr. Tipparaju Venkata Nagesh

Hyderabad, February 11th, 2022: Dr. Tipparaju Venkata Nagesh I have seen many cases in my medical career. Among those who come to our hospitals every day, I mainly observe three categories of people. They are the poor, middle class, and the rich. Among them, medical assistance is available to the poor due to schemes like Arogyasree and free services in goverment hospitals.

The wealthy people can afford corporatemedicine because they have no shortage of money.

What about the middle class ?

I have been looking after middle-class patients for many years. They receive treatment for many ailments even though they cannot really afford corporate healing.However, When it comes to gold and land, they spend all their money on hoarding.

The reason the middle class do not go to government hospitals is because there are less doctors and other medical staff there! There are not enough government doctors in our country despite the huge number of patients! Is that why the middle class is leaning towards corporate medicine?

Corporate medicine for everyone is not really a big challenge for a burgeoning state like our Telangana.All that needs to be done is to persuade the people to contribute in setting up a ‘health fund’ with the lowest financial burden!!

With Hyderabad as the center, many financial transactions take place every day in our goldenTelangana. The first step in achieving our goal of setting up a health fund is imposing a ‘Health insurance’ cess on as many financial activities as possible. A three per cent cess is enough to not be a burden to the people.

‘Health with Corporate Medicine for All’ will be possible very quickly if the government enters into agreements with reputable, large insurance companies / companies through health insurance cess collected from the public. Dear Sirs, Our request is that the golden Telangana Rathasarathy Shri KCR should think in this direction. We urge all of you to join us in chanting the slogan 'Corporate Medicine for Everyone'. In the matter of corporate health insurance, let us all hope that Telangana will be the guide for the whole country.


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