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Congress Promises Sweeping Change in Telangana: Anirudh Reddy Confident of Victory in 2024"

Mahabubnagar, November 28, 2023 - In a fervent declaration during the final day of election campaigning, Janampally Anirudh Reddy, the Congress contestant from Jadhcherla, expressed unwavering confidence in the party's triumph in Telangana and the subsequent formation of the next government. Reddy emphasized the people's yearning for change in the state, particularly in Jadhcherla, asserting that Congress is the sole entity capable of delivering an effective alternative to the ruling BRS party.

Participating in the conclusive election campaign activities in Nandaram village of Balanagar mandal, Reddy swiftly covered Peddaadirala, Chinnaadirala, and Jadcherla, ensuring comprehensive outreach across the constituencies. Addressing a corner meeting in Jadcherla, Reddy accused the BRS government of detrimental policies, particularly impacting the youth's livelihoods with a failure to provide adequate employment opportunities. He also criticized the government for its alleged bias in allocating double-bedroom houses, claiming they were primarily distributed among party activists and their followers.

Highlighting the Congress party's commitment to social welfare, Reddy pledged the implementation of the "6 Guarantees" upon assuming power. These promises include free bus travel for women, subsidized gas cylinders priced at Rs. 500 for cooking, and a deposit of Rs. 2500 in the bank accounts of every woman for financial assistance. Furthermore, Reddy assured that within 100 days of the Congress government formation, every homeless individual would receive an Indiramma house.

Concluding his impassioned election campaign in Jadcherla, Anirudh Reddy appealed to the electorate to cast their votes for the Congress party's hand symbol, expressing optimism about securing a resounding majority. As the election fervor intensifies, the political landscape in Telangana awaits the verdict of the people in 2024.

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