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City of Nawabs is experiencing over 25% growth in its retail buying

Arun Roongta, Managing Director, HGH India and Suleman Hirani, Managing Director of Darpan Furnishings

Hyderabad, Feb 28, 2019 – As Hyderabad, the City of Nawabs is experiencing over 25% growth in its retail buying since last couple of years and is expected to sustain this growth rate over the next few years, HGH India has decided to bring the twin cities’ home products market under its primary focus.  

Taking the growth story forward in Hyderabad’s home market, consisting of home textiles, decorative accessories and houseware, is the city’s unique blend of tradition and modernity. Their co-existence is reflected in the rapidly growing number of home stores in the twin cities. The intricate traditional craftsmanship of Hyderabad resonates perfectly with its modern twin city, Secunderabad.

Offering innovations and new product ideas from over 30 countries across the world to the retailers, wholesalers, importers and distributors of this eclectic market is HGH India, the annual trade show for home textiles, home décor, houseware and gifts.  Demand for these products in Hyderabad is growing at over 25% to 30% per annum, according to the city’s leading retailers for home products.

Mr. Arun Roongta, Managing Director, HGH India elaborated on what makes Hyderabad so lucrative for manufacturers, brands and retailers in all segments of home products during a media interaction at Hyderabad on 28th Feb 2019.

Arun Roongta, Managing Director, HGH India

Describing the potential of Hyderabad market, he said, ‘Hyderabad is a city with rich cultural heritage and traditions which is rapidly adopting to the modern and contemporary lifestyle. With rising per capita incomes and growing affluence of consumers in this city, the demand for more innovative, time- saving and convenience-oriented home products is bound to grow here.  HGH India is focused on bringing, high-quality products from reputed Indian and international brands, skilled craftspersons from across the country and innovative designers to the Indian retailers, who can in turn reach them to aspirational and upwardly mobile consumers. 

Hyderabad is vibrant and growing city with thriving consumption.  Since we constantly strive to provide a business ecosystem to home retailers and manufacturers in order to showcase their creations through HGH India, we feel that HGH India is positioned to ensure big growth opportunities to everyone connected with home business in Hyderabad and the entire state of Telangana.

With Hyderabad increasing investments in manufacturing and service industries, migration from other states has reached an all-time high.  This has led to a boom in demand for more houses, rented or owned along with all other allied products associated with setting up of new homes. The thriving start-up industry has enabled many, young, aspirational people with spending power to shift to Hyderabad, adding another dimension to growth in the city’s affluent population.

For four consecutive years, Hyderabad has ranked first in the ‘Quality Of Life Index’ in India. The city is invariably poised at the cusp of an artistic renaissance especially since the standard and quality of life has improved dramatically. The citizens of Hyderabad have developed a taste for the unconventional, merged with modernity, with a hint of its rich cultural heritage, and this reflects in their homes and choice of home décor. This generation considers home décor as a primary need and is willing to invest in unique and innovative products that set their homes apart. In keeping with this need to innovate, traditional Hyderabadi artisans are toiling to improvise and use their traditional skills to develop new designs, particularity in the carpet and upholstery market.

Elated with the rising demand, Suleman Hirani, Managing Director of Darpan Furnishings, a leading retailer of home textiles, decorative accessories and houseware products says, “One of the prime reasons that Darpan Furnishings could source the best products from across the country and bring it under one roof was our annual visit to HGH India.  HGH India gives us access to large number of national and international brands and manufacturers who are out of our reach otherwise. It helps us to source innovative products, designs and superior quality products from the newer sources and offer them the consumers in Hyderabad.”


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