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Citobioshield Natural & Organic Atimicrobial For Corona Prevention

Hyderabad, 19 th November, 2020: Citrobioshield is a Natural and Organic Antimicrobial. It is a Citrus fruit extract. Since ten years, it is being used in India in different hospitals, in the operation theaters, and ICUs without shifting the patients, making the process less time consuming and less laborious. It is also in use in AC companies, Bangalore Metro Rail, BEL, and many other areas including food processing units.

At present hospitals are using Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Hypochlorite, etc. to control infections. As these chemical disinfectants are toxic, corrosive, allergic, and alcohol-based, these are not suitable for use in the presence of human beings. To solve this problem Citrobioshield has been developed. Citrobioshield Antimicrobial is, Natural and Organic product available to be safely used on human beings without any adverse effects. Scientifically tested and evaluated. Recently Ministry of Health and Ayush, Government of India called for a PowerPoint presentation about Citrobioshield, and a discussion was held by a Committee of 15 Eminent personnel in this regard.

Citrobioshield is suitable for use by washing, moping, spraying, fogging, dipping, and humidifying methods to kill the virus on the surface, in the air. Citrobioshield is a Natural and Organic Antimicrobial in preventing and controlling the Coronavirus infection. It can be safely used by the entire community like housewives, employees, students, children, hospitals, offices, homes, public places like malls, cinema theatres, etc. to reduce the viral loads thereby reducing the rate of morbidity and mortality


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