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Cerina Air Purifier to provide healthy air at home

Hyderabad, January 22, 2021: Cerina Air Purifiers has now set out to provide clean air to households across India. As part of exploring business opportunities and grab the potential market for air purifier, Cerina, is now venturing out to capture the domestic household markets by promoting its products in a big way.

While speaking about the Company’s plans, Nutan Chokka Reddy, Head of Operations Cerina said that unlike earlier where the air purifiers used to be a life style product and only luxury households used to install it, however, with the exponential increase of air pollution, which has become the cause of various diseases, installing air purifier at home has become a necessity.

“High air pollution cause health issues including respiratory diseases and affects people with asthma, bronchitis and lung infections. Air purifier used to be a lifestyle product a few years ago. But we believe it is a necessity and people are beginning to realize the importance. Even in Hyderabad there are high pollution levels and it is important to protect your family. Cerina Air Purifier is well designed for Indian conditions and is a home-grown product,” said Nutan Chokka Reddy.

For promoting the Cerina Air Purifier, the company authorities have appointed prominent film personality Digangana Suryavanshi as its brand ambassador. “These days dust pollution is very high due to increased vehicular movement. In fact, I personally started using Cerina Air Purifier; it has helped me improve my health and lifestyle. I used to suffer frequently with cold and skin allergies due to dust and pollution. Using Cerina Air Purifier has made sure that my home is clean from the inside,” observed the brand ambassador.

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