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Brand CAI on path of making Guinness Book Records for creating tallest edible painting

Hyderabad 23 December 2019: The Brand Culinary academy of India at Begumpet in Hyderabad is all set to create a new world record and expected to get in to Guinness Book of records for making the tallest edible painting.

As part of this, a team of Chefs at CAI are attempting to break the record of Italy for the ‘Tallest Edible Painting’. The painting is going to be 54 feet tall and 42 inches wide painting using edible food colours canvassed on a sheeted Pastillage paste.

Around 8 to 10 numbers of Indian National Bird—Peacock is going to be painted on the Sheet. This edible paining is being made using 2 dimensional embossing technique where in the outline will be etched first and then edible imported liquid colours, gel paste colours, powdered colours and edible coloured glittered powders will be extensively used to finish the painting.

The Pastillage paste dough will be made using 180 kgs of Icing sugar, 20 kgs of gelatine powered and Eggs. “We are using specially imported paining brushes for the painting to be completed Air brush spraying will also be used and where required 70 students of Three years BCT and CA 50 students of PG and Craft course are expected to take part to complete the edible painting in 72 hours.

Earlier Brand CAI broke the German Record for Longest cold Meat Platter in 2015 and in 2016 they set the world record for most varieties of cakes displayed at a single venue. Consequently CAI has set another world record in 2017 for tallest Christmas Cupcake Tree. In 2018 CAI got the Guinness World Record for the largest display of Bread varieties at a single venue.

This time again, the Brand CAI is attempting to break the record of Italy for the Tallest Edible painting.

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