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Brand CAI Attempts World Record for ‘Most Indian Sweets Displayed at a Single Venue’ Hyderabad, 27 December 2023

Hyderabad, 27th December 2023: Brand CAI, the culinary headquarters of India, has once again showcased its innovation and creativity by attempting a unique Guinness Record this year during the festive season. The award, if approved, will be titled as the ‘Most Indian Sweets Displayed at a Single Venue’.

Handling and making Indian sweets is an art that requires tremendous precision. The challenge of making/ assembling about 500 different varieties of sweets is a mammoth task in itself. Due to the shorter shelf life of these sweets, the preparations couldn’t be started much earlier. However, the team comprising of the Chef Instructors of the academy, supported by the Budding Student chefs of Final year and the Post Graduate in Culinary Arts, made the task look simple and easy. They sourced out ingredients, worked day and night, garnished the sweets appropriately, and ensured timely delivery through meticulous planning and execution.

To ensure the authenticity of the sweets, we even requested support from professional’s sweet makers, sweet shops, parents of the students, and many mothers came forward to assist us. Starting from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and east to west, we included as many Indian sweets as possible. Some of the traditionally hard-to-make desserts, like pootharekulu, Modak, Buddi ke baal, Petha, sonpapdi, etc were made live for the audience to witness and enjoy. The desserts were beautifully displayed on a 10-tier structure specially fabricated for this event, which stretched from the ground floor to the 6th floor of the college building.

We are honored to have SRI MALLU BHATTI VIKRAMARKA GARU, Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana State Assembly, as the chief guest and SRI GIDUGU RUDRA RAJU GARU, AP State Congress President as the chief guest of Honour for this occasion. The guests invited from the industry were treated to a scrumptious lunch, followed by an array of desserts. To spread the festive cheer, all the desserts were packed and given away as season’s greetings.

Brand CAI has already achieved/attempted Five world records earlier and this attempt will be their Sixth, adding another feather to their cap. Brand CAI is renowned for creating wonderful platforms for their students to participate and learn.

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