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Book on cancer ‘I am Unstoppable’ launched

Hyderabad, 5th September, 2021: This book offers support to patients with all types of cancer with the mission: 'No one faces cancer alone'. It includes inspiring stories of patients who have been treated by us and have won the battle against Cancer. It also includes the latest medical technology, emotional well-being, integrative oncology, and much more needed information about cancer.

According to the report released by the ICMR, the number of cancer cases in India is estimated to be 13.9 lakh this year and may increase to 15.7 lakh by 2025, with its prevalence being marginally higher among women, according to a report. This is largely explainable in terms of increasing life-expectancy, changing demography, rapid urbanisation, the pernicious impact of addictions, western diet, sedentary work and work-life imbalance.

“A lucid, insightful, well written book in lay mans language which is a niche area of cancer care - need of the day. Dr Sachin with lots of compassion and humility, through his personal insights, experiences and keen observation has chronicled, these inspiring stories of grit and determination, hope and despair of cancer patients and their care givers. Book covers a wide spectrum of cancer from diagnosis, staging, treatment modalities, do and don'ts for cancer patients their care givers, families and friends, along with tips on cancer insurance and other schemes. Truly useful & inspirational - Worth Reading.” Said Mr Jayesh Ranjan IAS, Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce and IT, Telangana.

“Millions of Cancer patients die each year due to lack of preventive measures and wrong lifestyle choices. Especially when cancer is concerned, this book is a boon. It is excellent to read as well as for reference purposes. You are much more than your disease. If you have the right mindset, a great support system, and an Oncology team dedicated to caring for you, "CAN" and "WILL" will emerge stronger than you ever thought possible.” Said Mr Mahesh Bhagawat, Commissioner Of Police, Hyderabad.

“I am unstoppable is a holistic one stop solution for all the cancer related information. It beautifully captures the emotions, determination and aspects of familial support needed to beat, and survive cancer, while following the inspiring stories of some cancer patients which are treated at Yashoda Hospitals. As a doctor, I am acutely aware, that cancer can be a very difficult and delicate topic to

discuss with both the patients and their family, but this book tries to help defeat the

stigmatism surrounding the name “cancer”, and give hope to anyone that finds themselves

in this situation,” Said Dr. G. S. Rao, Managing Director Yashoda Group of Hospitals.

“We intend that this book will provide essential insights and knowledge about cancer. This unique holistic book has all the information about various types of cancer, latest treatments, prevention, integrative oncology,, emotional wellness and the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Since I have been treating cancer patients for more than a decade, I realized there was so much inspiration in each patient's cancer treatment journey. Their unparalleled resilience to survive is truly commendable. I have seen them going through hardships at all levels, physical, emotional, and financial, from very close quarters. Here are eleven absolutely mind-blowing stories of the strength and determination of our warriors. We believe this book will serve as an ultimate survival guide, with its small doses of wisdom, guidance, and an unlimited inspiration,”Said Dr. Sachin Marda, Senior Oncologist and Cancer Surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals.

“We understand that cancer is a sensitive topic to discuss. So, we are grateful to those who were willing to share their personal stories with us. Inspirations and re-assurances are extremely important to anyone who is facing a diagnosis of cancer. Our warriors have demonstrated how human spirit and determination can triumph over adversity”, Said Ms Rachna Mankani, the co author of the book.


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