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BJP to get more than 300 seats, Modi Ji to become PM for third term: Shah

Hyderabad, 14th June 2023: Visionaries spend the present preparing for the future. BJP’s principal poll campaigner Amit Shah is doing just that like a true visionary. Even as the general

election is around a year away, Shah is busy crisscrossing the country to ensure a third term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Centre.


Braving the scorching Sun, Shah is meeting party leaders across the country and

attending numerous public rallies in which he is pitching for a strong government,

under the able leadership of Prime Minister Modi, that will have a clear, absolute

mandate with over 300 seats.

While meetings with the local leaders are more to do with strengthening the

organisation and weaving a winning strategy; in the public rallies, Shah highlights the

sea change that has taken place in the country under the nine-year of Modi rule and

how Modi has done more good for the Poor in nine years than the combination of the

four-generation Congress regime. The nation’s march towards progress is all-

encompassing now. 


On the expected lines, Congress and its former MP Rahul Gandhi are at the

receiving end. As a seasoned campaigner, Shah highlights how poverty has been

perpetuated in the country during the four-generation of the Congress government.

At a rally in Gujarat’s Patan, Shah lambasted Rahul Gandhi saying, “Rahul Baba is

going abroad on a vacation to escape the summer heat. He keeps criticising the

country there. I like to suggest Rahul Gandhi learn from his ancestors.” 


Speaking at a rally at Nanded in Maharashtra on Saturday as a part of BJP’s

outreach programme on the completion of nine years of the Modi Ji-led NDA

government, Shah said the Poor never got their basic needs such as housing units,

toilets, cooking gas and others during the reign of the Gandhi family.

On Sunday, in Tamil Nadu, Shah took a jibe at the Stalin government, highlighting

the Modi government’s bounty for the state. The abject failure of the DMK-Congress

government in the state received sharp criticism from the BJP leader. 


“The DMK was part of the UPA of government, however, in different exams, the

youth of Tamil Nadu didn't have the option to take exams in Tamil. Now, however, All

India Services, CAPF and NEET examinations can be taken in the Tamil language,”

he said in Vellore.

In Vizag also, Shah highlighted the lapses of the Congress government and

showcased how the Modi government has brought fundamental changes for the

betterment of society. 


The BJP-led NDA had bagged 303 out of the 542 Lok Sabha seats in 2019. Shah is

confident that in the 2024 general election also, the NDA would secure more than

300 seats, paving the way for a third-term Modi government in the Centre.Supporters are also responding to his clarion call. At Nanded, he asked supporters, “Do you want Narendra Modi Ji or Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister?” Thousands of supporters who attended the rally roared back with “Modi, Modi” chanting.


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