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Bhartiya Swadeshi Congress party declaring the Candidates for Telangana upcoming assembly elections

Hyderabad, September 23, 2023: "Bhartiya Swadeshi Congress"( BSC)to be held under the chairmanship of party founder Sanjay Agarwal, the National Spokes Person and South India Coordinator R K M Raju and other Leaders with an agenda of selection and declaring the Candidates for Telangana upcoming assembly elections.the south

Bhartiya Swadeshi Congress party's main focus is to reform our nation “The India ''

towards Good Governance, prompt representation & prosperous India. The wishes and

aspirations of every citizen of India to be fulfilled.

even after Independence of India that too after 75+ years also we are unable to achieve

the aims of the constitution of India. The basic Respect, Recognition and Response to

the Citizens are also lacking.

There is a lot of gap between citizens and Politics,Politics and government

administration, which is the main cause for this situation.

As a result Citizens of India are being suppressed by the Public Servants, Political leaders

and their followers by misusing the powers and Corruption which has become the quite

common aspect for availing Citizen Services & Rights.

The Constitution of India depended mainly on the representation method ( Parliament,

Assembly's and other elected body's) to protect the respect & rights of the Citizens,

Democracy and our Country of India in all respects. But due to the failure of such

representation we are facing the present situations like 1.No service guarantee from

govt servants, 2.No proper quality services from government bodies, 3.Failure of Public

Sectors,4. Failure of certifying agencies leading to low quality commodities, 5.Failure of

proper Industrial Growth which is troubling employment generation, 6. Improper

planning, failure in the field of Agriculture which is troubling formers for genuine rate,

7.Corruption & failure of Government agencies leading to promotion of black money ,8.Failure to provide title guarantee which is causing Crores of Civil and criminal cases in

the Courts and fight for property is taking whole life time or more, 9.Inequality,

protection of life, improper Reservations, lack of transparency and many more which all

of you aware of.

The main reason for such failures is due to failure of legislative representation , which is

due to the election of non suitable persons by voters or due to the failure of operations

model of the Holy Parliament, Assembly, other elected bodies


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