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First Banjara Bhavan inaugurated in Jadcherla

Jadcherla, Mahabubngar Dec 5, 2019:

The first Banjara Bhavan (ST Community hall) in Mahbubnagar district was formally inaugurated at Shankarayapally Tanda by Jadcherla MLA Dr. Laxma Reddy on Thursday.

Earlier, Dr. Laxma Reddy was welcomed to the inaugural programme by contractor A. Chander, and other local Girijana leaders, Shankar Nayak, Gopal Nayak, Rambal Nayak, Govind Nayak and Heerya Nayak by offering flower bouquet and later felicitated the MLA with Shawls.

Dr. Laxma Reddy while inaugurated the first Banjara Bhavan said that the TRS government has been fulfilling all its promised made to the Tribal Lambada community one by one. He said as promised by Chief Minister KCR to make all the Girijana Thanda’s into Gram Panchayaties (GPs), more than 220 Grijana Thandas across the state have been converted into to GPs. In Mahbubnagar district as many as 62 girijana Thandas have been converted into GPs and in Jadcherla mandal 12 Lambada Thandas have been converted in to GPs.

“As promised during elections, the TRS party and the state government lead by Chief Minister KCR is fulfilling all the promises made to the ST communities one after the other. TRS government is the first government to celebrate the Birthday of Sant Sevalal (Sevalal Jayanthi) officially. As promised, the state government will also fulfil the construction of Banjara Bhavans at each mandal headquarters in the coming days. Already the government has called for construction of various ST community halls in different districts; this community hall in Shankarayapally is the first Banjara Bhavan being formally inaugurated in the entire erstwhile Mahbubnagar district. I thank the contractor for taking up works at a speedy pace and completing it in the stipulated period. I also congratulate all the Girijana leaders, the Lambada community members on the occasion of inaugural of Banjara Bhavan,” said the MLA.

Dr.C Laxma Reddy, accompanied by Rambal Nayak, ST commission member, MPP Laxmi Shankar Nayak and others seen in the picture during the inaguration of ST community hall in jadcherla

The MLA lamented at the congress and previous governments who ruled during erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and said that during past 70 years the congress party has done nothing for the ST community people. Except for reservation by former PM Indira Gandhi, the STs were just used as vote bank but never got their share of development and were left where they are. However after formation of new state of Telangana, the pace of development has increased many folds. Today each and every Tanda has got a water tank, each and every household in the rural areas are getting purified filtered clean surface drinking water, which has improved the healthcare of the people in the rural areas.

The MLA promised to do whatever possible for the development of ST communities in the constituency and said that very soon he would also get funds from the government for the construction of Sevalal, Tulajabhavani and Merama Temples in Jadcherla mandal. The MLA appraised the efforts of Girijana leaders who are working proactively for the welfare of the ST communities in the district. The MLA urged the ST community people to utilise the government welfare programmes and subsidies provided to farmers and youth under self employment schemes.

Jadcherla Mandal Parishad President (MPP) Laxmi Shankarnayak, urged the MLA to help grant funds for construction of a Kalayana mandapam, a compound wall and a mandapam at the Sevalal Temple. District Tribal welfare officer Krishna Nayak urged the MLA to utilise his good office to help allocate 2 acres of land for the construction of a Girijana Balikala vasati gruham (ST Girls Hostel) in Jadcherla mandal.

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