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Atlas Chiropractic and Wellness Centre Launches its first centre in Hyderabad

Hyderabad 02nd December 2022: Atlas Chiropractic and Wellness, the leading Chiropractic healthcare service provider in India, has launched its first Centre in Hyderabad today and 5th Center in India. Atlas Chiropractic has centres in Bangalore and Chennai. They are now planning to establish centres in other localities to meet the growing need for its services. Atlas Chiropractic and wellness centre in Hyderabad is an example of the company's continued commitment to providing affordable and accessible health solutions for all people who are suffering from various ailments.

Dr. Prathap Addageethala, Head of Chiropractic, and Director of Atlas, while speaking at the launch said "I am extremely happy to have you here with us for this auspicious occasion. This day is very special to me. I started my career as a Doctor of Chiropractic exactly a decade ago. Having all of you here makes this day even more special. I mastered the subject of Chiropractic studies at the New York Chiropractic College (now known as Northeast College of Health Sciences). I entered a profession that I knew could change lives. It gives me great joy to wake up in the morning and go help people out. It’s the whole “give a man a fish/teach a man to fish” idea - I believe that the patient must take an active role in their recovery process. I push my patients to commit to their health, and to go beyond where they are currently. It’s not magic, it’s Chiropractic, and it works! Five years ago, Atlas came into being, and today we have 6 officially licensed and certified doctors, representing 4 different countries".

Since Dr. Addageethala’s base of operation is in Bangalore, the head clinician in the new Hyderabad office will be Dr. Yasmine Aissa. Dr. Yasmine hails from France and has been involved in a number of seminars put on by Doctor of Chiropractic around the world. Her insights and training allow her to offer her patients the newest information from evidence-based methods of Chiropractic. Her main focus is well-aligned with the central goal at every Atlas centre - putting the patient first and achieving the resolution of their complaints efficiently.

Chiropractic is not new - in fact, it has been around for over 125 years - and has been developed to treat the body without involving any sort of surgery. In this particular form of treatment, spinal manipulation is done with a deep focus involving the surrounding areas, resulting in a specific chiropractic adjustment. Once the patient is treated with this particular method, he or she may feel more rejuvenated and perform their life activities better than before. There are very few chiropractors in our country as of now. Chiropractic is a holistic, full-body approach to healthcare that looks specifically into the spine's involvement in most health issues. The spine is the armor for the nervous system and can become implicated in various conditions ranging from basic back and neck pain, all the way to chronic neurological ailments. By providing the spine with specific chiropractic adjustments, communication between the brain and body can improve and optimize health. Our nervous system controls everything we do, and it requires periodic checks to ensure it continues to operate as effectively as possible. Hence, Chiropractic Health care is indeed one of the most effective ways to treat an individual.


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