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ATAL Classes A Gateway For Iit Jee & Neet Ingurated By Mr.V K Singh - IPS (RETD)

Hyderabad, October 13th, 2021: Former Director of Telangana State Police Academy and currently an Advisor to Government of Punjab, Mr. V K Singh, IPS (Retd.) said education is getting commercialized in this State. He was speaking on the occasion of launch of "Active Teaching Active Learning" (ATAL) classes, an innovative concept tutorials for IIT-JEE and NEET aspirants.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. V K Singh said, "We need ' _Super30_ ' kind of education for which we need teachers like Mr. Anand Kumar, who make education fun. Rote learning methods does not yield long term results, and many students who even after qualifying for IIT or a top medical school fall back in education subsequently because those students does not have strong fundamentals."

ATAL classes has researched on the concept of Active Teaching Active Learning among students. This initiative brings all brilliant teachers on to a single platform and help aspirants gain from the knowledge to be made available through this. ATAL classes will offer handsome scholarships to deserving students, and it will emerge as a game-changer for young minds competing in an open arena.

Commenting on ATAL classes, Mr. V K Singh added, "I have the assurance from promoters of ATAL classes, who are extremely popular and highly experienced teachers that they will achieve at least 50 per cent success of Super30 in the very first year of its launch. And it is this confidence of the teachers here which convinced me to join hands with them and agree to be a Mentor for the initiative."

Some of the prominent names associated with ATAL classes include Dr. Srinivas Chary (founder of Sri Mega Study Circle and a renowned Physics Professor), Er. L N Prusty (an IIT Kharagpur alumni with over 30 years of teaching experience), Dr. P K Sharma (an author and physics teacher with over 30 years’ experience), Er. V Murlidhar Reddy (an IIT Madras alumni with 20 years of teaching experience), and D. Srikant Reddy (a teacher with 20 years’ experience) among others.


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