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Asian Spine Hospital Celebrates Milestone: Completion of 200 Successful Spinal Fusion Surgeries (EndoFusion) using Keyhole Endoscopic Spine Technology for the first time in India

Hyderabad, 10th January 2024 : Asian Spine Hospital, India’s first centre of excellence and training institute for full endoscopic spine surgery, proudly announces a momentous achievement with the successful completion of 200 Spinal Fusion Surgeries (EndoFusion) using Keyhole Endoscopic Spine Technology. This remarkable feat which is the first-time-in-India, not only signifies a new era in advance spinal care within India but also underscores the hospital's commitment to advancing medical practices and offering state-of-the-art endoscopic treatment options for spinal ailments. Distinguished chief guest Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy, Founder and Mentor of Maxivision including Dr. Sukumar Sura, Chairman & Managing Director of Asian Spine Hospital, Mr. Naresh Kumar Pagidimarry, CEO & Director of Asian Spine Hospital, Dr. M Abhinandan Reddy, Consultant Spine Surgeon & Director Centre for Complex Spine Surgery & Deformity Correction & Dr. Padma Ravikanti, Senior Anaesthetist & Head - Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Therapy and various other dignitaries, were present at the celebratory event.

Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy, a respected leader in the medical community, expressed his admiration for Asian Spine Hospital's achievement, stating, " Surpassing the milestone of 200 successful Full Endoscopic Spinal Fusion Surgeries at Asian Spine Hospital is not just an achievement; it signifies a profound commitment to spearheading spinecare advancements in India. This accomplishment mirrors their dedication to elevating endoscopic spinal surgery standards and enhancing patient outcomes on the Indian healthcare landscape."

Asian Spine Hospital has emerged as a leader in least invasive Full endoscopic spinal procedures, and this milestone reaffirms its position at the forefront of innovative spinecare solutions. Dr. Sukumar Sura, Chairman & Managing Director of Asian Spine Hospital, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, "We take great pride in achieving the milestone of 200 successful Full Endoscopic Spinal Fusion Surgeries (EndoFusion)  This accomplishment speaks volumes about the proficiency, commitment, and the transformative influence that this advanced technology imparts to spinal healthcare through our dedicated team."

The success of EndoFusion procedures at Asian Spine Hospital represents a major milestone in spine surgeries, making Endoscopic Spinal Fixation or Endoscopic Spinal Fusion a highly convenient and effective least invasive option for both doctors and patients alike. Older individuals can undergo this surgery with confidence, knowing that they are receiving cutting-edge treatment with post-operative recovery.

This technique offers several advantages over traditional open surgery and minimally invasive techniques. With no large incisions required, there is no need to cut muscles and bones. The pressure on the nerves is relieved through the smallest incisions possible, and unstable bones are fixed by inserting screw rods through endoscopic techniques. The procedure minimizes post-operative pains, making it especially beneficial for elderly patients.

Dr. M Abhinandan Reddy, Consultant Spine Surgeon & Director Centre for Complex Spine Surgery & Deformity Correction explained the benefits of EndoFusion stating, "No big incisions are required for this surgery. The pressure on the nerve is relieved with the smallest incision possible. The unstable bones are also fixed by inserting screw rods through endoscopic techniques. Very small holes on the skin are enough for this. Hence no bleeding. Patient recovers soon. Post-operative pains are minimal, allowing them to return to their work early. This technology is especially beneficial for the elderly, and complications have reduced drastically due to endoscopic spinal fusion."

Mr. Naresh Kumar Pagidimarry, CEO & Director of Asian Spine Hospital, highlighted the hospital's commitment to  lead innovation and patient-centric spinal care, stating, "This achievement underscores our steadfast dedication to delivering state-of-the-art spinal treatment and personalised care for our patients. The completion of 200 Full Endoscopic Spinal Fusion Surgeries ( EndoFusion ) represents a substantial stride in transforming spinal healthcare in India."

EndoFusion, the spinal fixation or spine fusion surgery performed with endoscopy, represents the most advanced, skilled, and safe spine surgery available. The hospital's commitment to clinical excellence, coupled with ground-breaking achievements like the completion of 200 Full Endoscopic Spinal Fusion Surgeries (EndoFusion) solidifies its position as a beacon of innovative spinal healthcare in the world. As the demand for endoscopic spine procedures grows, Asian Spine Hospital stands ready to meet the needs of the future, offering patients advanced spinal treatments with improved outcomes and quicker recovery times.


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