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Amit Shah joins Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign, unfurls flag at Delhi residence

Hyderabad, 16th August 2023: Amidst the nations preparations for the upcoming 77th Independence Day, a spirited movement called the & Ghar Tiranga campaign has started across the country, prompted by Prime Minister Modi s appeal. This campaign signifies a collective effort to celebrate the nation s freedom and unity by adorning homes with the flag. Notable amongst the participants is Amit Shah, the accomplished Home Minister of the country, who enthusiastically took part in this campaign. His resounding action of unfurling the flag at his residence in Delhi carries a profound message of unity and brotherhood.

During this significant moment, Amit Shahs wife, Sonal Shah, also graced the occasion, accentuating the shared commitment to the campaigns values. Amit Shah, in a heartfelt address to the citizens, urged everyone to participate by hoisting the flag at their own homes and sharing their expressions of patriotism through selfies on

His call resonates as an invitation for all citizens to become catalysts of change, inspiring their fellow compatriots to engage wholeheartedly in the Every Home a Flag initiative. By leading through example, Amit Shah demonstrated the essence of India s unity and fraternity as he proudly hoisted the tricolour at his Delhi residence. A tweet from him also shared the Certificate of Appreciation he received for his active involvement in the campaign, adding an encouraging note to the movement.


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