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AISF leaders slam govt attitude for not allowing students unions and Media into edu institutions

Edu News service


The All India Students Federation (AISF) leaders from Mahabubanagar slammed the attitude of the state government for issuing instructions to the government schools and educational institutions not to allow the Students' Unions and Media into Educational institutions without permission.

C Raju, Assistant Secretary for AISF Telangana State, criticized the Education Department officials for issuing such a specific instruction not to allow students' unions and media into educational institutions. This kind of attitude of the government to stop student unions and media from doing their job clearly shows that the government had failed in its duties to provide necessary infrastructure facilities to the students in the educational institutions. “The Telangana government fears that the student's unions and media will expose their failures. That is why they have instructed the education department authorities not to allow union leaders and media into educational institutions, “alleged Raju.

The AISF leaders alleged that the government is adopting undemocratic and authoritarian rule, which is a danger for the surveillance of democracy. These acts will lead to corruption and unaccountability by the officials. The government must immediately take back its order and instead of curtailing the students unions and media, focus must be put on providing basic facilities to the students in residential schools, hostels, and government schools.

AISF will always fight for the rights of students. It is a shame on the government that even though it is boasting of allocating huge funds for the education sector not even 10 percent of it is being utilized for the same, alleged the AISF leaders.

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