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AICC Observer cautions people on BJP's Corporate Agenda, Advocates to support Congress

Mahabubnagar: In a compelling address at a press conference organized by the Congress Party in Gadwal district on Saturday, AICC observer Marpadga Ramesh Reddy delivered a scathing critique of the BJP's policies, highlighting their alignment with corporate interests and their neglect of pressing developmental issues in the country during the past 10 years of BJP rule.

Reddy minced no words in his assessment, asserting that the BJP's focus on stoking emotional sentiments rather than addressing substantive developmental concerns has left the nation grappling with widening economic disparities. He cited alarming statistics, revealing how a minute fraction of corporate elites reaps a disproportionate share of the country's wealth, while the burden of taxation falls heavily on the shoulders of the poor.

Drawing attention to the adverse impacts of policies like demonetization and GST, Reddy underscored the plight of small and medium-sized industries, which have borne the brunt of government measures favoring big business. He pointed to staggering increases in the assets of corporate giants like Adani and Ambani, juxtaposed against the struggles of ordinary citizens grappling with unemployment and economic uncertainty.

Expressing grave concern over the erosion of labor rights and environmental protections, Reddy accused the BJP of attempting to amend the Constitution to further entrench corporate interests. He lamented the reduction of army jobs and the conversion of positions into precarious temporary roles, questioning the ability of a weakened military to safeguard the nation referring to BJP government’s brining in the ‘Agnipath’ Scheme in Army recruitment.

Amidst this backdrop of economic strife and social discord, Reddy made a fervent plea for support to the Congress party, framing it as a bulwark against the encroachments on democratic institutions and a champion for the interests of the underprivileged. He specifically endorsed Dr. Mallu Ravi's candidacy for the Nagarkurnool parliamentary constituency, expressing optimism that a Congress victory would herald positive outcomes for marginalized communities.

The event saw the presence of prominent leaders from the India alliance, including Immadi Anand, as well as representatives from Christian minority groups. Notable figures such as SC cell leaders Goplapur Yadaiah, NGO leaders K Premnath, and Rajaka Sangam leaders Venkatesh lent their support, underscoring a united front in the fight for social justice and democratic values.



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