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Actress Anasuya Bharadwaj Inagurates Value Gold At Peerazadi Guda Village, Uppal

Hyderabad 1st September, 2023: Value Gold is here to create a storm in the field of gold exchange market by providing one of the best services for its valued customers!! They are here creating a new ecosystem by guaranteeing a smooth process with unbeatable returns, better gold evaluation and instant cash. The gold exchange process at Value Gold is a no-fuss automated process that is built on trust and transparency gained throughout its legacy of over a century.

The process of exchange at Value Gold is transparent and simple as they have precisely formulated the process for a smooth experience. Customers are simply required to bring their gold and get it tested for purity after which they melt the gold to get a better value of it. Once this is done, they will be an instant transfer into your account.

Best part of VALUE GOLD is that they also instantly release Pledge Gold in the same way once they evaluate and physically verify the documents of Pledge Gold. Once it is verified the customers get an advance amount right away even before the whole evaluating and melting of gold begins. Eventually the total amount according to the market value is transferred.

Abhishek Chanda- Director of Value Gold said, ‘We are thrilled to unveil Value Gold, a transparent and fuss free Gold Exchange program, a complete new conducive environment for transparent process in valuing & exchanging gold.


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