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Actor Navdeep Along With Madhu Lahari At The Grand Launch Of The Little Village At Jubilee Hills

HYDERABAD, NOVEMBER 6 2021 - “The Little Village” (TLV) brand has been launched today at Jubilee Hills. TLV has evolved from merely being a food & beverage space (operated under the brand name Orka) to a bigger entity that gives back more to the community by collaborating with other wellness brands to bring wholesome F&B service, nature friendly products and goods, while also being a collaborative cultural space where serval workshops& awareness drives will be taking place. The Little Village stands as a testament to a golden era, the diamond days of deriving health and happiness from nature, unaltered and untethered.

The Little Village believes in. The rich and rustic logo embodies the serene goodness of nature.

They also have a new sustainable lifestyle store which displays a curation of organic produce and utility products from conscious communities like Auroville and other sovereign communities, continuing to be a platform for the many artisans from all over India - some notable brands include Paper Collective, Hemp Planet, Upasana, Helping Arts, Prakrith Furniture, Marks Coffee.

Their diet food service now operates under the brand name NutrySuperDiet – a program that serves healthy and nutritious meals per personal requirement, with the help of professional nutritionists. They have several packages such as BLD, Low Carb Meals, High Protein Meal/ Balanced Meal, Keto/Vegan Meal and Therapeutic Meal. They also customise meals as per client requirements.

“The Little Village is all about living a lifestyle closer to nature as our beloved Mother Earth intended. Going back to our roots for pure wellness is the only sustainable way forward,” says Madhu Lahari, Founder and Director of The Little Village. She also adds, “Our future looks worriesome and unhealthy. Our health and well-being should be of paramount importance, and to achieve that we have to revive the recipe of an amazing life from the past and bring it to the future, so that we can retain and sustain the good old diamond days of life. The Little Village aims to do just that.” She is thrilled to be doing this with the help and undeniable support of her friend and the brand ambassador of The Little Village, Actor Navdeep, who also happens to be a partner in the same.

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