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ABC Talkies announces the Telugu Edition of The Big Shorts Challenge

Hyderabad, August 22, 2022: The Big Shorts Challenge is a nationwide

contest initiated by ABC Talkies for independent filmmakers across genres and

languages. Following the successful completion of the first and second editions

namely the PAN India Influencers and Content Creators and the North East

Edition respectively, ABC Talkies launches the third edition ie, the Telugu edition

for filmmakers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The contest is ABC Talkies’

way of encouraging young and independent filmmakers to come forward and

display their works of art.

ABC Talkies was envisioned to help independent filmmakers by creating a

platform where films would not be judged by individuals with biases and no film

canned. This is clearly evident in the Big Shorts Challenge as the first contest

based strictly on the film’s merits and performance. As a part of ABC Talkies’

mission to support and empower independent Filmmakers, the contest was

designed in a manner wherein the audience decides the fate of the participants.

While the Telugu film industry is touted to be the largest film industry in India in

terms of box-office and being commercially driven, ABC Talkies wishes to tap

independent filmmakers from parallel cinema to supplement the already thriving


Commenting on the Telugu Edition of The Big Shorts Challenge, Shalibhadra

Shah, CEO, ABC Talkies stated, “Film contests traditionally have a jury

which sets out to select the winner basis various criteria. However,

there is always an element of personal bias that tend to influence or

have an imposing influence on the outcomes. The Big Shorts Challenge

crosses out all these biases and puts the ball in the court of the

audience. Kyunki ye jo public hai ye sab jaanti hai. May the best film


Filmmakers are invited to participate in the challenge where they submit short

films (5-25 minutes) made by them in Telugu uploaded on the platform before

31st August, 2022. The most watched Film will win a cash price of Rs.50,000

and the highest grossing film wins a cash price of Rs.50,000.

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