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Abbott Ensite Precision 3D mapping system At Sunshine Hospital Secundrabad

Hyderabad, 21st March 2022: The Ensite Precision Cardiac Mapping System is useful to do complex radio frequency ablations for SVT & VT Patients. It is the latest and most advanced 3D mapping system available in India. OCT & IVUS Intravascular imaging systems are useful in assessing pathology of coronary artery lesions more accurately to decide any need for Plaque modification devices like Rotablation, Intravascular Lithotraphy or Laser prior to stenting for adequate expansion of the stent. They also show the extent of disease segment to decide stent length and diameter to place appropriately sized stent to cover entire size and segment of vessel. Traditional angiography may not provide all these details mainly after stenting in detecting predictors of DES outcomes like underexpansion, malapposition,edge dissection and Tissue prolapse. Recent clinical studies showed angioplasty stenting guided by angio with intravascular imaging provided better results compared to only angio guided angioplasty with stents particularly in terms of 50% reduction of stent thrombosis and restenosis. We request you to utilize these advanced facilities whenever and where ever it is required OCT - ABBOTT (US) HD - IVUS - BOSTON SCIENTIC (US).

HIGH DEFINITION INTRAVASCULAR ULTRASOUND SYSTEM by Dr A.V. Guruvareddy Participating by Sunshine Hospital Cardiology Team of Doctors Dr Sridhar Kasturi, Dr Shailender Singh, Dr Vijay Kumar Reddy, Dr. K Kiran Kumar and team of doctors.


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