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TSPSYCON - 2021 conference on 31 st Jul & 1 st Aug

Hyderabad, 30 th July, 2021:Technology has changed the way we communicate, work, socialize, up to the way we view the world. Technological innovations have the potential to revolutionize mental healthcare,from the concept of personalized medicine to smartphone applications that serve to reduce the gap between severe mental illnesses and services to diagnose/treat them. The pandemic, too, has given new meaning to digital healthcare, including therapies, in mental illnesses. On the flip side, the increased use of technology has also led to an increase in what some psychiatrists call “behavioural addictions”. The rise of social media has led to increased awareness about mental health issues, but also an increase in activities like cyberbullying which could have an adverse impact on mental health, and likely a rise in anxiety, depression, etc. If used carefully, technology could prove to be a game-changer in the treatment of mental illnesses.

The IPS-TSB is an association of mental health professionals residing or working in Telangana

and is a branch of the parent body - the Indian Psychiatric Society. 

The objectives of The IPS-TSB are to contribute to the overall development of mental health

services in Telangana state, as part of which the organisation undertakes various activities

including mental health awareness in the community, free service camps and organisation

of an annual conference that serves to discuss scientifically some of the most pressing issues

and latest updates in the field and also aims to promote psychiatry among medical students.

Asha Hospital was established in 1992 as part of Woodlands Asha Hospitals. Starting from a

small 20-bed in-patient service, The Asha Hospitals group has grown to a 350-bed

psychiatric hospital group providing both acute and long term services. It is staffed by

psychiatrists of international and national acclaim, providing clinical services and conducting

teaching and research activities, and psychologists who perform various psychological

assessments and provide various psychological therapies that aid in a holistic approach to

our patients’ concerns. Apart from the main hospital which provides inpatient, outpatient

and emergency psychiatric services and psychological services, we also have a dedicated

deaddiction centre, a 150 bedded rehabilitation centre replete with psychiatric,

occupational therapy and counseling services, and a Home for elders with special needs.

The COVID 19 Pandemic has upended life as we know it, and the changes in our lifestyles

resulting from the pandemic have brought mental health into sharp focus. Ranging from the

impact of isolation and quarantines, ICU stays, and prolonged separation from families as a

result of lockdowns, to direct effects of the virus on the nervous system, many aspects of

abnormal mental health have been reported during this unprecedented pandemic. Delirium,

Depression, anxiety, PTSD are some of the common conditions being reported, while less

studied symptoms like “brain fog” are also being reported. One year on, although our

understanding of mental health issues due to COVID has advanced, there still seem to be a

lot of grey areas that require further enquiry

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