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70 fake voters caught in 22nd ward of Jadcherla Municipality, Anirudh Reddy demands action

BIF News service, Mahabubnagar, April 30, 2021: As many as 70 fake votes have been caught in ward number 22 in Jadcherla Municipality during the elections on Friday.

According to Congress Party constituency in charge Anirudh Reddy, it is learnt that as many as 70 voters residents of Gairan Thanda a newly carved gram Panchayat near Kodgal village about 13-14 kilometers away from Jadcherla were illegally included in the voter’s list of ward 22 under Jadcherla Municipality.

Anirudh Reddy alleged that the TRS MLA along with the TRS activists in collusion with the local authorities had indulged in preplanned inclusion of wrong voters and prepared wrong voters list to facilitate fake voting in favor of TRS party candidate. “We are demanding the election commission to take cognizance of this issue and also lodged a complaint with the returning officer on the wrong voter’s list being prepared. The TRS government has not even give time to cross check voter’s list and as per their convenience they released the notification conducting the elections in a fraudulent manner and trying to win the municipal elections with fake voters. We also lodged complaint with the police and demanding the police to take immediate actions against those who have impersonated the voters and tried to cast fake votes,” said Anirudh Reddy.

The congress party in charge also leveled allegations against the Jadcherla MLA and said that had the MLA was sincere and honest he would have immediately asked the returning officer to remove the illegal votes from the voter’s list, but instead, he directed the police to do lathi charge against the congress party agents who caught the illegal voters and who opposed to the fake votes in ward 22.

Anirudh Reddy also alleged the police were acting at the behest of the ruling party and beaten the congress activists for raising the issue at the polling booths. He said the congress party will expose the illegal designs of the TRS party to the people and the people will teach them a lesion in the next general elections if the TRS party does not mend its ways. “I am asking the TRS leaders, what is the need for them to indulge in the wrong and illegal methods, when you claim of all round development in Jadcherla municipality. If you are really confident of your development mantra, you should not fear of defeat, but since you people have not met the people’s aspirations, you are fearing of defeat and indulging in all sorts of illegal activities,” said Anirudh Reddy, during a press meet.

Anirudh Reddy said that he will accept people’s verdict, defeat or victory should be taken equally, but indulging in cheap politics is not good. He advised the TRS party leaders, at least now play good politics and take up all the pending development works for which the congress party will also support, but if TRS continues to play foul, the congress party will not tolerate and will go to any extent to nail the nefarious designs of the TRS leaders in Jadcherla.


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