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6 Check Posts in Nagar Kurnool District Equipped with 24/7 Surveillance Cameras, Confirms SP Vaibhav

Nagarkurnool, October 28, 2023: In preparation for the 2023 Assembly elections in Telangana, the Election Commission has recently installed six check posts in Nagar Kurnool district. These check posts include one inter-state check post and five inter-district check posts. What sets them apart is the deployment of 24/7 surveillance cameras, also known as CCTV cameras, to conduct vigilant monitoring without interruption.

Nagar Kurnool's Superintendent of Police, Vaibhav Raghunath IPS, confirmed the implementation of these surveillance measures.

He emphasized that the presence of these CCTV cameras ensures constant, uninterrupted surveillance. This development is instrumental in enhancing the security and transparency of the election process in the district.

The introduction of CCTV cameras at these checkposts is a crucial step to maintain the integrity of the electoral process. It signifies a commitment to fair and secure elections in Nagar Kurnool, providing a sense of confidence and trust in the upcoming polls.


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