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274 acres of government land has been allotted to 200 SC STs

Hyderabad 14th November 2022: Dalit Women's Council Honorary Adviser T Ramanaiah said that 274 acres of government land in Hanumant Peta village of Balanagar mandal of Medchal district has been allotted to 200 SC STs at the rate of 80 yards for each Dalit.

Speaking to reporters in Somajiguda, Ramanaiah said that when the private parties cut huge dams in the Pragati Nagar mini tank bund pond, the mandal revenue staff came and demolished them.

Itala Rajender's close relatives Ramulu, Purushottam, Sahadev, Vemma Reddy, Jagadish, Srisailam, Ramakrishna, Balanagar Mmarvo Ratnakumar, gave lakhs of rupees and occupied 274 acres of land, he said. He said that when this matter was brought to the attention of MMARO Ratnakumar, no action was taken. He alleged that in the year 2001 Balanagar mandal conspired and alienated hundreds of acres of land.

He alleged that Shivamma Colony has encroached 7 acres of land reserved for our Dalit women, Sriramnagar Ambir Cheruvu Shikham 8 acres and Dattatreya Colony 13 acres.

As a result of our struggles, Chief Minister KCR has given places to Dalit women as a result of our struggles that we have complained to the Supreme Court that we have gone to the High Court. T Ramanaiah, the adviser of the Dalit Women's Council, thanked the Chief Minister with a big heart.

We wrote to the SC commissioner to the women commissioner about this matter and he accused that the land grabbers are waiving the cases by giving bribes to the police who filed the cases in Kukat Pally police station, Jagadirigutta police station.

On this occasion, Dalit Women President M Padma and Dalit Women Secretary T Jayamma thanked Chief Minister KCR.


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