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About Business India Focus

Established in the year 2013, Business India Focus is an exclusive web portal dedicated to the Indian Industry. Be it Pharma, Healthcare,  Manufacturing, Information Technology, Agriculture, Service Sector, new launches, new developments, Education, Science and Technology, Research and Development, Sports, Films, Hotels and Resorts, Entertainment etc, we ensure to cover every aspect that touches upon the human life.

The main aim and objective of this website ( (previous web address: is to promote the Indian Industry and help build a knowledge base for the industry, which would help a great deal to the new entrepreneurs who are venturing into the domain of business.

Initially we are focusing on Indian industry and slowly we will move to diversify our focus towards the world countries and try to project India’s perspective with respect to the global players. “We know today India is a global power and is regarded as the world’s largest IT service provider. Not just IT, but Indian pharmaceutical industry is also making greater strides and has achieved an extraordinary place among the top global players with regard to manufacturing of high quality low cost generic medicines, which have revolutionised the global healthcare sector. We at Business India Focus would touch up on every sector and industry that impact on human life,” observed Amguth Raju, MD and Editor of Business India Focus.

This website not only publicises the day to day news relating to the Industry but also focuses on various other allied and important social and political developments from time to time.

Overall our mission is to move dynamically with the changing world and be a part of the Industry to promote and give wide publicity to each of every aspect that is impacting the human life in all walks of life.

Our ultimately mission is to become a global entity that is admired across the globe for its time bound, truly reliable and comprehensive coverage for the varied sectors of industry that touches the lives of every human being on this earth. We want to extend our hand to make this world a pollution free and peaceful and most beautiful place to live-in in this universe.

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